We are SO pleased that you have taken some time to explore the website of Life Connections Ministries.  Pastors Michael and Susan Garner have been a part of the church almost from the very beginning (history of the church listed below).  The vision that the Lord has given them, is to not only to carry out the original vision of the church, but to also help build people up in their faith in God, in order for them to connect, not only to Him, but also to their family and friends.  They also have a deep passion to help people be transformed by the life changing power of God’s Word.
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With the call from the Lord, Pastors Gene and Mary Pat Stowell started Cornerstone Church (now known as Life Connections Ministries).  The journey of walking out the call of starting a church, as well the call to be a pastor started before the beginning of Cornerstone.  The vision for Cornerstone Church began on May 16, 1989 when Gene Stowell received a scripture from a man that he did not know while Gene was at a conference in Canada.  Pastor Gene was then serving as an elder at New Life Fellowship at Fort Leavenworth, KS.

The impetus for the formation of the church came in January of 1995 when a small group of people met at Gene and Mary Pat’s home for prayer for the shared vision.  They also prayed about the vision and name of the church. The vision laid out by Pastor Gene was to advance the Kingdom of God, to train up future leaders of the church, to preach the Word in an uncompromising manner, to be a lighthouse in a dark world, and to be warriors for Christ.  The first official meeting of Cornerstone Church was held on February 9, 1995 in the Buffalo Book Store Meeting Room in downtown Leavenworth.  Sunday services were held there until May of 1995 when services were moved to Riverfront Community Center also in Leavenworth, KS.

For the next 4 1/2 years Sunday morning services would be held there.  Each service there would be volunteers that would set up speakers, sound equipment, keyboard, drums and chairs.  Bible studies during the week continued to be held at the Pastor’s house.  The church would continue to grow to the point that in 1999 it was time to look for a bigger meeting location, one that would be large enough to allow for weekly bible studies, children’s church, Sunday school and other ministry opportunities.

In January 2000 the church moved to a new location, (its current location) on North 7th Street.  The church would not only continue to grow in numbers but would also grow in developing many leaders.  Two of the many leaders that Pastors Gene and Mary Pat groomed for leadership included, Pastors Michael and Susan Garner.


In March of 2012, Pastors Gene and Mary Pat retired from Cornerstone Church, but continued with their calling as pastors.  Just like once a coach always a coach, once a pastor always a pastor.  With that, they continue to reach out to people and are helping them with the teaching of God’s Word.

Pastors Michael and Susan in March 2012 received the calling and anointing to now lead this church.  They continue on with the original vision, and with what the Lord had laid on their hearts (see opening paragraph).  With the Lords direction, in October 2012 the name of the church changed from Cornerstone Church to Life Connections Ministries, connecting faith, family & friends (f3).

Life Connections Ministries is a place where all are welcome, where you will be fed the Word of God, and where you can connect faith with your family and friends.