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We are so excited to meet you and would love the opportunity to get to know you better.

We have a deep passion to help individuals as well as families to connect their faith, in God, with one another, as well as with their family and friends (Faith, Family, Friends; F3).  We believe that we are called by God to reach out to all generations with the life transforming power of God’s Word.  The Word is what can bring about the transformation in lives, no matter the age.  From the babies to silver haired, the written Word is what brings changes.  “News articles may inform us.  Novels may inspire us.  Poetry may enrapture us.  But only the living, active Word of God can transform us” Charles Swindoll

The meaning behind the name, Life Connections Ministries;  Life – speak Life; Connections – connecting not only to God but also to one another; Ministries – this word carries the idea of serving one another, to help, to not just point someone in the right direction, but to walk with them. 
We don’t just want to be just another church, but rather we want to be a place where people’s lives are changed because of The Word. We also desire to be a place where friendships are made, We love watching friendships become so closely bonded, that they are more like family than anything else.  We believe that the Lord has called us to encouraged and strengthen the Body and challenge each one to live the life that our Father is calling them to.  
We believe that serving the Lord is serious, BUT at the same time a blessing and a blast!!!!

Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to come by and visit us!  To keep up to date with current events see our Facebook page, just click on the link on the home page that says “Facebook”.

In Christ, Pastors Michael and Susan